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Indian Rice

Product Image (03)

Sona Raw Rice

Price: 40 INR/Ton

This brand inclues sona steam as well as sona raw rice

Product Image (12)

Ir64 white rice

Price: 25.5 INR

We do supply ir64 in bulk quantitiy

Product Image (020)

Sona steam rice

Price: 33 INR

We need bulk quantity for sona steam

Product Image (012)

Poultyr feed rice

Price: 12.5 INR

We supply poultry feed from rice mill

Product Image (010)

Wheat bran flakes

Price: 18.40 INR

We supply wheat bran flakes for cattle feed

Product Image (009)

Rejection rice

Price: 18 INR

We have rejection rice and we can sell bulk quantity

Product Image (005)

Zero rejection broken Rice

Price: 13.60 INR/Ton

We supply zero rejection broken for distillery ,bislery,

Product Image (04)

Sona Steam Rice

Price: 26 INR/Ton

We supply sona steam as well as sona raw ricw

Product Image (02)

Lachkari Wada Kolam Jeera Rice

Price: 37.50 INR/Ton

We supply rnr steam as well as sona steam and as rnr raw ricw

Product Image (01)

RNR Raw Rice

Price: 42.5 INR/Tonne

We can supply rnr steam and rnr raw rice

Product Image (008)

Broken steam and raw rice

Price: 17 INR/Ton

We supply best broken steam and raw rice

Product Image (021)

Rnr jeera rice

Price: 49 INR

We will supply bulk quanity

Product Image (010)

Brown rice

Price: 23 INR

We supply brown rice at bulk quantity

Product Image (11)

Red rice

Price: 20 INR

We supply red rice at bulk quantity

Product Image (015)

Red toor dal

Price: 70 INR

We supply best quality toor dal from farmers

Product Image (016)

Peanut Peanut

We supply best quality peanut

Product Image (14)

Steam broken rice

Price: 16.5 INR

We do supply bulk orders

Product Image (017)

Rice husk

Price: 4 INR

We will supply husk in bulk quanitiy

Product Image (021)

Rice bran

Price: 25 INR

We supply bulk quantity of rice bran

Product Image (025)

RdGold rice

Price: 26 INR

We will supply bull quantity


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